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Friday, October 19, 2012

our memories in Summer - Camping

Camping is FUN!!! I never thought about camping in my life! It was the first time we went wild camping in Canada, and also in my life too! Learning to camp is fun, and we now all love it very much, especially you were with your good friends together.
I always believe when the kids are young, you must enjoy your family time with them, I don't want to think when they do not want to follow us for camping !

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Hate to be lazy, but when sometimes when you find that you haven`t updated your blog for long long time, and you have plenty of photos which should have been posted into there, you will be more lazy.. the tasks are accumulated and accumulated..

4M family had so many great memories during this summer, we have been to Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, Suddently I couldn`t capture too many beautiful things for us.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

`do you love me more or Micah?

My mid-term is over, I can have time to write something for my lovely boys..

Last week, when Micah, Moses and me were walking to home from school, Moses suddently asked" Mom, you must be honest, tell me whether you love me more , or love Micah more? cannot be both, must be either one. " . Then I said " both".
Moses:" no, cannot be both. Moses or Micah ?".

then I said" daddy". Moses : " no, i said only me or Micah! ".
When he asked me, he kept laughing and it seems that he was teasing me.

I then replied:" nobody! hahah".

Then I said " I love Micah more ! ". Moses pretended to be upset and said " ok, then you don't like me !"... Then I teased him :" ok , I love you more !".. He then talked to Micah
" Micah, mommy doesn't love you ! " , Then Micah started crying heavily!

I don't have to explain to him as he truly knows that I love them both.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moses wanted a sister?

Last night, Moses suddenly asked me " Mom, will you adopt a child ?".
I replied" why adopt? mom prefers to have our own child . Do you want a baby sister or baby brother? ".
Moses said " baby sister, because if we have one more brother like Micah, he will be as active as Micah. I am so tired of him.".

It's interesting..Then he continued " but if you give a baby in the hosptial, you will stay 2 nights, then who will take care of us ? who will cook supper for us ??".. However, he didn't know that his mom didn't have any plan for third child.. I HAVE DONE!

2M are enough for me !

Monday, April 30, 2012

Handy Man and his assistant on April 28-29

Last Thru Apr 26, handy man and his assistant( wife) have completedly removed the carpet on their basement, which it's an easy job. The most challenging part was to , his scrape the glue off .
During Saturday and Sunday, they started installing the new laminate, with the past experience, handy man knew how to start and how to wisely use the tools, he newly bought the laminate cutter which can help him trim the wood efficiently.

The quality of those laminate is not as good as the laminate on the TV/ Living room,
they learned from experience that they should consider seriously before purchasing next time. But they can't believe the quality from KENT is not good as the quality from the discounted flooring store.

within 12 hours, they all completed the installation. Handy man's wife is so proud of her hubsand that he could manage the corner area very well. That's why he became handy man now !!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trust ( seeking a safe place for our highest hopes)

On April 15, Pastor Don had an awesome sermon on that Sunday service. He was talking about 'Trust in God', there were a series from different pastors for the recent weeks.
I know God has been trying to tell me about trust from the different ways, for us we have to face with different challenges and difficulties in our lives. Christians won't have any exception but the big difference is that we have Jesus in our lives.

That sermon definitely helps me to reflect myself, how to be a faithful person by totally leaning on Him, not by ourselves and the world. Trust God means we believe that we cannot see. Isn't it difficult ? Imagine you are in a room without light, it is too dark that you cannot see anything, when someone offers his hands to you, you will be secured, but what happen to that person you don't trust? When I cannot see clearly the direction that I go, I will be lost and become helpless. But Jesus again and again speaks to me indirectly that I can trust Him no matter what situation is. He won't see our failure, our weakness, He is here because we are weak.

God asked me to step out the faith, He is ready to prove his faithfulness.
1. The God we trust is a God of abundance. Psalm 24:1
2. Trusting God is contrary to our human nature.
    Our fresh, human tends to bear on ourselves.
3. People in old testament rebelled against God, people were unwilling to trust God.
4. Too oftern our trust is misplaced.
5. Trusting God reminds us of who is in control.
6. Take your hands off, God is in control.
7. Trusting God verifies He is our source.